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  • "In mathematics i had a problem in simplifying and factorising completely. i usually mess up from the second step of a problem which results in giving the wrong solution or answer. But now i am able to do that better, i really appreciate this programme.

    Grade 10 student.
    Emkhayideni Technical High School.
  • "these classes help me alot in my school work, i have improved a lot in my science work. all my subjects have improved. in maths i had difficulties but now  i am boosted a lot. i can simplify, factorise,  exponents, know them like i know myself. in science the electricity and magnetism, current etc. i know them the best, because BAMBISANANI  are the best, thank you.
    Grade 11 student.
    Ndesheni high school.
  • "it was grea having problems to solve with further examples to guide us from where we were not able to guide ourselves, since  attending extra classes i've understood thoroughly, the teachers here are very easy to understand."

    Grade 10 student.
    Ntonganele secondary school.

Grade 10 & First Years (university students) Leadership Camp.

Excellence without leadership fails! At Bambisanani we have learnt over time, that our learners need to “self-lead”, be deliberate in their actions and excel in order to get ahead. 

Po box 410,

Phone: +27 (0)35 5801581. 
Fax: +27 (0) 35 580 1457.